Italian Villa
Buster Keaton's Italian Villa

Has been restored! You can read about it here in a series of articles:

VARIETY article by David Weddle
(reprinted here with permission)

Victoria Sainte-Claire, with a history and
(unfinished) work-in-progress tour.

Recent color photos of the Villa today by
Patricia Eliot Tobias

We're not sure if it took a "lot of pratfalls" or not, but the renovations and our research took a lot of work!
Thanks to everyone who contributed (and continues to add) something
to this project!


In the 1920s, many girls entered contests to win the ultimate prize -- an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood and a chance at movie stardom.
Most of them didn't make it.

One who did, was contest winner Margaret Leahy, who by a twist of fate became Buster Keaton's leading lady in his first feature film, Three Ages, in 1923.

This new article, beautifully written and researched by Luke McKernan, draws on many sources, including extracts from Margaret Leahy's own diary. It answers many questions about what it might actually be like to work with Buster Keaton and makes fascinating reading.

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And if you believe that, he'll tell you another one...
The Keatons invade England in 1909 with disastrous
(according to Joe Keaton)
First published in Variety and later reprinted in
The Keaton Chronicle.


Comique is stirring up trouble again...
An article by Patricia Eliot Tobias, editor of
The Keaton Chronicle,
reveals the plot of this two-reeler, unseen for 80 years.
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Apart from Joe Keaton's yarning, some of the more outlandish myths about Buster Keaton
were actually begun by biographers and journalists.
Some of the more persistent and annoying ones are
de-bunked in an article by Keaton Chronicle Editor

Patricia Eliot Tobias at
The Classic Images website, in their November 1998 issue.


Keaton in the Haunted House, 1922.

by Dan Lybarger at :
with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. about working with Keaton on
the TV production "The Awakening" -
a retelling of Gogol's short story "The Overcoat".
Coming soon - an interview with
Mel Brooks -
both published originally
The Keaton Chronicle.

"In Remembrance"

Eleanor Ruth Norris Keaton

How To Make a

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