The Great Stone Face

Keaton studio gagmen and their boss.

The Great Stone Face is the annual magazine published by the Damfinos. The 1996 issue is 48 pages full of articles and never-before-published photographs of Buster Keaton. The color cover is by magazine illustrator and surrealist Tim O'Brien, whose work has been seen in national magazines including Time and Entertainment Weekly.

Great Stone Face cover, 1996

The issue includes two extensive interviews with Eleanor Keaton about her "Life with Buster"; rare photos, including aerial pictures of the Keaton Studio from the early 1920s; the story of Buster's professional vaudeville debut at the age of 5; the mystery of a missing scene from Keaton's greatest film, The General; reminiscences from Railrodder director Gerald Potterton; the connection between Keaton and the late great British comedian Marty Feldman, who never let a day go by without watching a Keaton movie, written by best-selling author and Feldman collaborator David Weddle; plus an article by renowned film historian Kevin Brownlow on the restoration of Keaton's 1921 short Hard Luck.

The Great Stone Face is available for $10.00 per issue.




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