by Janice Agnello, Nick Ciccone and Lisle Foote

Paradise for Buster
Running time: 39 minutes
Release date: October 15, 1952
A Wilding Pictures Production presented by John Deere and Company, Inc.
Production supervisors: H.M. Railsback and G.M. Rohrback
Director: Del Lord
Story: J.P. Prindle, John Grey, and Harold Goodwin
Photography: J.J. La Fleur and Robert Sable
Editor: William Minnerly
Music: Albert Glasser
Buster Keaton and Harold Goodwin

The Devil to Pay
Running time: 28 minutes
Release date: 1960
National Association of Wholesalers Production
Director: Herb Shoble
Story/Film Editing: Cummings Betts
Art Direction: Petter Maters, Joseph W. Swanson
Sound: Nelson Funk
Camera: Del Ankers, Fritz Roland
Buster Keaton, Ralph Dunn, Ruth Gillette, Marion Morris, and John Rodney

The Home Owner
Running time: 25 minutes
Release date: 1961
John F. Long Homes Production
Director/Story: Joe Parker
Photography: Leo Tover
Editing: Basil Wrangell
Second Unit: Jack Voglin
Buster Keaton, Bob Hawk, John F. Long

The Triumph of Lester Snapwell
Running time: 22 minutes
Release date: 1963
An Eastman Kodak Company Production
Director: James Calhoun
Buster Keaton, Sigrid Nelsson, and Nina Varela

The Railrodder
Running time: 21 minutes
Release date: 1965
A National Film Board of Canada Production
Producer: Julian Biggs
Director/Script: Gerald Potterton
Photography: Robert Humble
Music: Eldon Rathburn
Editor: J. Kilpatrick
Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton Rides Again
Running time: 55 minutes
Release date: 1965
A National Film Board of Canada Production
Producer: Julian Biggs
Director/Photography/Editing: John Spotton
Writer: Donald Brittain
Music: Maica Gillson
Sound: Ron Alexander, George Croll, Barry Ferguson, Sidney Pearson
Buster Keaton, Eleanor Keaton, Gerald Potterton, Michael Kane (voice)

Running time: 22 minutes
Release date: September 1965
An Evergreen Theatre Production
Producer: Barney Rosset
Director: Alan Schneider
Script: Samuel Beckett
Photography: Boris Kaufman
Editor: Sydney Myers
Art Director: Burr Smidt
Camera Operator: Joe Coffey
Buster Keaton, James Karen, Nell Harrison, and Susan Reed

The Scribe
Running time: 30 minutes
Release date: May 1966 (filmed in October 1965)
A Film-Tele Production for the Construction Safety Association of Ontario
Executive producers: Raymond Walters, James Collier
Producers; Ann and Kenneth Heely-Ray
Director: John Sebert
Script: Paul Sutherland and Clifford Braggins
Photography: Mike Lente
Editor: Kenneth Heely-Ray
Music: Quartet Productions, Ltd.
Cast: Buster Keaton and Larry Reynolds