She's Oil Mine

Length: Two reels
Release date: November 20, 1941
A Columbia Pictures Production
Producer: Jules White
Director: Jules White
Script: Felix Adler

Buster Keaton: A Plumber
Elsie Ames: An Oil Heiress
Eddie Laughton: A French Suitor
Monty Collins: Plumber's Helper
With: Bud Jamison and Jacqueline Dalya

In this remake of The Passionate Plumber, oil well heiress Elsie is pursued by greedy Frenchman Clemente. She can’t resist his charms, despite his bad intentions, and she flees into Buster and Monte’s plumbing shop. She hides in a pipe, and after various mishaps, she appears to Buster and Monte. She tells them her problems, and also tells them to fix her shower. Unfortunately, Clemente finds swimtrunk-clad Buster at the apartment, assumes the worst, and challenges Buster to a duel.

During the duel, Buster and Monte make plenty of errors of conduct (including getting challenged to more duels with the other officials there) before the duel actually starts. Right as they’re about to pace away from each other, Elsie appears, as does a shotgun-toting hunter. Buster flees to the left, towards Elsie, and everyone else from the duel goes the opposite direction. Buster kisses Elsie and the film fades out. — Nick Ciccone