General Nuisance
(aka The Private General)

Length: Two reels
Release date: September 18, 1941
A Columbia Pictures Production
Producer: Jules White
Director: Jules White
Script: Felix Adler and Clyde Bruckman

Buster Keaton: Peter Hedley Lamar, Jr.
Dorothy Appleby: An Army Nurse
Elsie Ames: An Army Nurse
With: Nick Arno, Bud Jamison, Monty Collins, Lynton Brent, and Harry Semels

In this comedy, millionaire Peter Hedley Lamar, Jr. (take that, Mel Brooks…) falls in love with an army nurse named Dorothy after asking her to change his flat tire. Unfortunately, he needs to join the army, as she will only admire a man in uniform. He joins the army at Camp Cluster, where she works, but “only for a few days until Dorothy likes me.” This fails, but he captures the attention of her rather homely and klutzy friend. Miraculously, he succeeds at becoming a general, but Dorothy still won’t see him unless he “becomes a patient,” so he decides to injure himself.

Hedley throws a rock on his head, and for good measure, Dorothy’s friend accidentally sends him flying down a hill. This doesn’t get him taken care of by Dorothy either. Her friend stops by again, injuring Hedley once more by hoisting his leg incorrectly, putting him on the ceiling for the moment before crashing him into the floor. Meanwhile, a psychotic patient, a butcher who sees slabs of meat everywhere he goes, escapes from his room. Hedley knocks him out and wins Dorothy at last. — Nick Ciccone