So You Wont Squawk

Length: Two reels
Release date: February 21, 1941
A Columbia Pictures Production
Produced by: Del Lord and Hugh McCollum
Director: Del Lord
Script: Elwood Ullman
Photography: Benjamin Kline

Buster Keaton: A Handyman
Eddie Fetherstone: Louie the Wolf
Matt McHugh: Slugger
With: Bud Jamison, Hank Mann, Vernon Dent, and Edmund Cobb

Eddie is a clumsy interior decorator for the Island Inn Café, which is planning its grand opening. It’s owned by a gangsters led by Louie “the Wolf," who is having a bit of trouble with the controlling “Slugger” McGraw. During opening night, Eddie is confused for Louie, and the real Louie makes Eddie his double, but doesn’t tell Eddie that he’s basically being set up to be killed. Slugger’s men meet up with Eddie and, thinking he’s Louie, try to kill him. He survives being shot, being put in a runaway car and gassed.

After a series of increasingly implausible escapes, Eddie’s dancer friend Flo tells him about Louie’s plans. Eddie then tries to get the attention of various policemen, whether by stealing their car, flinging tomatoes or rocks at them, or splashing mud onto new recruits. Finally, Eddie arrives at the Island Inn Café with the squadron of police, who arrest Louie on the spot. — Nick Ciccone