Mooching Through Georgia

Length: Two reels
Release date: August 11, 1939
A Columbia Pictures Production
Producer: Jules White
Director: Jules White
Script: Clyde Bruckman

Buster Keaton: A Confederate Soldier
Ned Glass: A Union Soldier
Bud Jamison: Titus
Monty Collins: Cyrus
Jill Martin: A Southern Sweetheart
With: Lynton Brent, Jack Hill, and Stanley Mack

At an old veterans’ home, Homer Cobb meets up with Zeb Montague and together they reminisce about the American Civil War. Homer recounts the time when Kentucky joined, during which his girlfriend Lulabell promised to marry him when he got back. But there was a problem — Homer’s brother Cyrus signed on to the North. They spent the rest of the day locking each other up as prisoner, depending on which army came around.

Homer stole Cyrus a Confederate uniform, but they accidentally wound up in a Union control center, where they were mistaken for spies. Homer stole himself a Union uniform and listened in on a meeting with Union generals, who were discussing their weak points on the battlefield. Homer stole the map outlining these weaknesses too, but was captured soon after his cover was blown by the second officer whose clothes he stole. He managed to evade the firing squad and knocked out several Union troops (and, inadvertently, his brother), and escaped to headquarters with the map.

Homer finishes the story and Zeb reveals himself to be the Union officer whose clothes he stole. Zeb knocks himself out with his own cane, and Homer accidentally knocks himself out. They fall over their chairs as the end credits roll. — Nick Ciccone