Pest From the West

Length: Two reels
Release date: June 16, 1939
A Columbia Pictures Production
Producer: Jules White
Director: Del Lord
Script: Clyde Bruckman

Buster Keaton: A Wealthy Yachtsman
Lorna Gray: Conchita
Gino Corrado: Her Boyfriend
With: Richard Fiske, Eddie Laughton, Forbes Murray, Ned Glass, and Bud Jamison

In this remake of The Invader, clueless millionaire Buster arrives in a Mexican port. Here, the two-timing cigarette girl Conchita is spending her time not only with the jealous Martino, but also with the vain bullfighter Ferdinand. Buster tries to get her attention by buying cigarettes or serenading her, but this means he has to get some materials from his boat. He repeatedly hurries back to it, but his sailors keep thinking he’s fleeing and cast off, so that when he emerges, he falls into the water, which means he has to change clothes. Nevertheless, Conchita asks him to dance in order to make Martino and Ferdinand jealous.

Buster gets an idea to serenade her (by this time he has only a Russian Cossack uniform left), and uses his ukulele to sing “In a Little Spanish Town”, though a man taking a siesta does not approve. Martino catches him, then Ferdinand does, and the two of them separately challenge Buster to a duel. The next day, Martino and Ferdinand shoot each other, and Buster tries to escape with Conchita. But the siesta man, whom Buster accidentally challenged to a duel, pursues Buster, now clad in an army outfit, back to his boat. — Nick Ciccone