One Run Elmer

Length: Two reels
Release date: February 22, 1935
An Educational Pictures Production
Presented by: E.W. Hammons
Distributed by: Fox Films
Producer: E.H. Allen
Director: Charles Lamont
Story: Glen Lambert
Photography: Dwight Warren

Buster Keaton: Elmer
Lona Andre: An attractive customer
Harold Goodman: Jim, Elmer's rival
With: Dewey Robinson and Jim Thorpe

Elmer owns a “de-luxe gas station” out in the middle of nowhere, and is making very little money. The place is so silent that event the ringing of the cobweb-covered cash register (which is outside) is enough to make him grab his gun. A construction truck pulls up, and a new gas station, owned by a guy named “Jim,” is built -- just across from Elmer’s place. As the cars pass by, Jim gets more customers than Elmer, despite Elmer’s best efforts.

A pretty girl named Molly passes through just as the two decide to start playing baseball – the Rattlers (Jim’s team) versus the Bearcats (Elmer’s team). Molly will go out with whoever wins the game. After a game with plenty of tricks and outright cheating, the Bearcats win when Elmer fills his bat with bullets (!), putting the Rattlers in shock and giving the Bearcats plenty of runs home. Elmer goes to the girl and hugs her, but Jim kisses her when her eyes are closed. Somehow thinking this should mean Elmer did it, she slaps Elmer and he walks away. She then asks him to come back, but he runs. — Nick Ciccone