El Moderno Barba Azul
(aka Boom in the Moon)
(aka A Modern Day Bluebeard)

Release date: August 2, 1946
An Alsa Films Production (Mexico)
Producer: Alexander Salkind
Director: Jaime Salvador
Scenario: Victor Trivas
Photography: Agustin Jiminez

Buster Keaton, Angel Garasa, Virginia Seret, Luis Barreiro, Fernando Soto, Jorge Mondragon, and Luis Mondragon


World War II rages. After a sea-battle, Buster is shipwrecked in a tiny dinghy. A passing cargo-plane helpfully drops … a bigger dinghy!

Time passes. The Japanese surrender and the war is over. The now-bearded Buster, oblivious to this, lands in what he thinks is Japan. In fact, it is Mexico. He surrenders and is thrown in jail with a killer.

Meanwhile, a telegram arrives for the police-captain warning him to be on the lookout for a mass-muderer, who is five feet seven inches tall, has a long blue beard and never laughs: the perfect description of Buster. The captain, thinking that promotion awaits him, treats Buster with due courtesy. Only now does Buster discover he is in Mexico.

Elsewhere, a professor is seeking a volunteer to pilot his rocket to the moon. His niece, reading all about the modern Bluebeard, suggests that a trip to the moon is bound to be preferable to being hanged.

The men sent to fetch bluebeard find two men claiming to be him. Buster’s beard has been shaved off and his fellow-prisoner sees an opportunity to escape death. As a result, both end up on the rocket.

After an abortive launch, Rosalie tries to fix the ignition, only to be trapped aboard when it takes off. In space, the three astronauts hear a radio report that the real bluebeard has been killed. Buster has therefore been pardoned.

The rocket eventually lands, not on the moon as the occupants think, but back on the Mexican desert, not far from the village where Buster surrendered. Rosalie finds her way back to her uncle, while the two men end up back in their original jail-cell.

However, the innocent Buster is soon released, only to encounter a woman claiming to be his wife. Buster seeks solace back behind bars.
David Macleod