Good Night, Nurse!

Released: July 6, 1918
Length: Two reels
Presented by: Comique Film Corporation
Distribution: Paramount Pictures
Producer: Joseph M. Schenck
Director: Roscoe Arbuckle
Scenario: Roscoe Arbuckle
Editor: Herbert Warren
Photography: George Peters

Roscoe Arbuckle: Alcoholic
Buster Keaton, Al St. John: Doctors
Alice Lake: Patient
Also: Joe Bordeau


On a rainy night, a drunken Arbuckle tries to light a cigarette while standing on a street corner. He unsuccessfully tries using a windblown woman’s umbrella (Keaton in drag) and a fellow drunk’s hat as a windbreak. Finally, he asks an organ grinder and his female companion to play the national anthem. A nearby cop takes off his hat, and Arbuckle is able to use that as a shield from the storm. The cop takes the cigarette and smokes it himself as he strolls away. Arbuckle addresses and stamps the other anti-Prohibitionist and leaves him on a post box. He takes the musical couple home.

Chez Arbuckle, the butler tells Mrs. A. about the No Hope Sanatorium, where they cure alcoholism with an operation. Arbuckle arrives, and his disreputable companions, their music and dancing (as well as their monkey) convince her to send him to No Hope.

The next day, she delivers him to the hospital. Mental patient Lake jumps into his arms, but the attendants drag her away. Doctors St. John and Keaton march him to Room 13, where they undress and examine him. He eats the thermometer. They put him, struggling, onto a gurney and wheel him to surgery. St. John administers a healthy dose of ether and Arbuckle fades out.

He wakes up in his room, happy to find all of his body parts still there. Lake comes in, and they decide to escape. However, after they sneak past Keaton and St. John, she cries and wants to go back. He throws himself into the pool and plays dead at the bottom. She runs back to the hospital and alerts the attendants. Meanwhile, Arbuckle has rigged up a hose to blow bubbles in the pool, which tricks the orderlies into diving in after him. He goes back inside and steals the rotund Price’s nurses uniform. He and Keaton flirt outrageously in the hallway until Price comes back and rips the uniform off of him. He runs outside. In his skivvies, he easily blends in with the runners in the Great Heavyweight Race going past the hospital. He wins and collects the $500 purse. Keaton and St. John catch him, but then he wakes up in the operating room. — Lisle Foote