A Country Hero

Released: December 8, 1917
Length: Two reels
Presented by: Comique Film Corporation
Distribution: Paramount Pictures
Producer: Joseph M. Schenck
Director: Roscoe Arbuckle
Scenario: Roscoe Arbuckle
Editor: Herbert Warren
Photography: George Peters

Cast: Roscoe Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Al St. John, Alice Lake, Joe Keaton, Stanley Pembroke


A Country Hero is considered to be the only known completely lost film in Buster Keaton's filmography (as possible not yet discovered industrial titles of Buster's might also be now lost films make an absolute claim of "only" problematic). Regardless, A Country Hero is lost and, thusly, unavailble for a modern synopsis and/or review. However, the film was reviewed at the time of release by Motion Picture World on December 8, 1917. Below is a copy of that review. — Thanks to Paul E. Gierucki