Coney Island
(aka Fatty at Coney Island)

Released: October 29, 1917
Length: Two reels
Presented by: Comique Film Corporation
Distribution: Paramount Pictures
Producer: Joseph M. Schenck
Director: Roscoe Arbuckle
Scenario: Roscoe Arbuckle
Editor: Herbert Warren
Photography: George Peters

Roscoe Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Al St. John: Wolves
Alice Mann: Their Prey
Agnes Neilson: Arbuckle’s Wife
Also: Joe Bordeau, Jimmy Bryant


At Coney Island, Keaton and Mann struggle to see the parade. Keaton climbs a pole, but when he applauds a marching band, he falls off. Meanwhile, on the beach, a bored Arbuckle escapes from Neilson by burying himself in the sand. When she goes to look for him, he runs the other direction. She runs into her old friend, St. John, then continues in her search.

On the midway, Arbuckle buys a ticket then walks off, the roll unspooling behind him. Mann asks Keaton to buy her a ticket, but he’s broke. St. John comes along with a wad of cash and he invites her along. They get on a ride. Keaton sneaks on, carried to it in a rubbish barrel. Keaton bumps them and he and St. John fight. The ride made Mann nauseous, so St. John takes her to a bench and goes to buy ice cream. Arbuckle sits next to her. When St. John comes back, Arbuckle intercepts the cones. The fight soon begins, and a cop hauls St. John away. Keaton tries out the strength-tester, but hits Arbuckle with the hammer instead. Keaton enjoys a good laugh, sitting on the machine. Arbuckle bops him on the head, rings the bell, and wins a cigar.

Next, Mann and Arbuckle ride the shoot-the-chutes. They fly out of the boat and into the water. Keaton rescues her then offers to pull Arbuckle out, but Arbuckle pulls him in. In search of dry clothes, Mann and Arbuckle go to the bathhouse to rent swim suits. They can’t find one to fit Arbuckle, so he steals a fat woman’s suit. While they change, Keaton gets hired as a lifeguard. He puts on the dry uniform. Arbuckle, his drag outfit completed by a wig, gets tossed out of the men’s shower then hauled out of the ladies’ lounge by Mann. In the meantime, Neilson visits the police station in her quest for her husband. She bails out St. John. Mann and Arbuckle visit the beach, and they share a bench with Neilson and St. John. Arbuckle thinks his costume will protect him, and St. John flirts shamelessly with him, but his wife sees through it. St. John and Arbuckle start another fight which moves into the water. Mann and Keaton run off. The cops (Kops, really) break up the fight and take them to jail. Sharing a cell, they continue to fight. One by one, cops come in to stop it, but they each get a rap on the head for their trouble. After they exhaust the police force, Arbuckle locks his wife in the cell. Arbuckle and St. John leave together, resolving to cut out women. A passing pretty woman quickly breaks St. John’s resolve, and Arbuckle soon follows suit. — Lisle Foote