Oh, Doctor!

Released: September 30, 1917
Length: Two reels
Presented by: Comique Film Corporation
Distribution: Paramount Pictures
Producer: Joseph M. Schenck
Director: Roscoe Arbuckle
Scenario: Jean Havez
Editor: Herbert Warren
Photography: George Peters

Roscoe Arbuckle: Docter Fatty Holepoke
Buster Keaton: His Son
Al St. John: Crook
Alice Mann: Vamp


Dr. Fatty Holepoke takes his overbearing wife and extremely sensitive son to the local horse races. The rich Al pulls up with his vampish-looking girlfriend, and she flirts with Dr. Holepoke during the race. Al and the doctor hear a suspicious tip on the horse “Lightning,” and individually bet everything they have on the horse. However, the horse accidentally goes the wrong way and both lose. Dr. Holepoke’s family is now out of money, and so are Al and his vamp. But Al hatches a plan: He’ll have the vamp lure Dr. Holepoke to her apartment so that he can go over and steal from the doctor’s place.

The vamp seduces Dr. Holepoke over the phone and the doctor goes over to her place. At the vamp’s apartment, Dr. Holepoke gets a tip to bet on the horse “Romeo” in the next race, and he goes to a rather seedy betting room to follow through on this. Meanwhile, Al goes over to the doctor’s apartment. The doctor’s son catches Al stealing his mother’s necklace and follows Al as he escapes. Al gets back to the apartment and the vamp has the doctor hide in the closet. The doctor’s son, however, calls up his mother about the theft, giving her the vamp’s address. She heads over in a huff. When she arrives, she fights with the vamp, while the doctor hides again and disguises himself in a somewhat-convenient cop uniform. The vamp locks the doctor’s wife in a closet while Dr. Holepoke (as a cop) gets out and chases Al. The wife frees herself and gets her necklace back. Meanwhile, the son arrives with the police and arrests the thieves.

Dr. Holepoke, still in his cop uniform, flees the scene with his wife. On the streets, he gets a surprise from the papers: Romeo has won the race! The doctor runs to the betting place to collect his money, but his cop uniform scares everyone off. They leave behind several wads of money. Dr. Holepoke takes the money for himself, but his wife is still not happy, and berates him for squandering their money on the races anyway. — Nick Ciccone