The Damfinos the International Buster Keaton Society, Inc.Buster & Sybil Seeley in "One Week"
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The Mission of the International Buster Keaton Society, Inc. is:

  • to foster and perpetuate appreciation and understanding of
    the life, career and films of comedian/filmmaker Buster Keaton;
  • to advocate for historical accuracy about Keaton's life and work:
  • to encourage dissemination of information about Keaton;
  • to endorse preservation and restoration of Keaton's
    films and performances;
  • to do all of the above with a sense of humor that includes an ongoing
    awareness of the surreal and absurd joy with which Keaton made
    his films.


Please e-mail us with any screening news
(and get a "thank you" on our website).
If you'd like to plan a Keaton event in your town, click here.

Members of The Damfinos receive:

Subscription to The Keaton Chronicle

Announcements about Keaton film and television showings

Discounted registration fee for the annual convention

10% discounts on Keaton merchandise:
Buster on DVD
Buttons & Pins
Lobby Cards
Ragtime CDs
Other Busterbilia

Keaton merchandise is not available anywhere else. Only The International Buster Keaton Society, Inc. has the licensing rights to use Keaton's image on merchandise.

Join the Damfinos and see the world, only $35 USD. For more info,
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The Winner of the 2005 Buster Award