Roscoe Arbuckle's
work in
Affiliated Projects

Sherlock Jr.

Released 21 Apr 1924. Copyright 22 Apr 1924. 5 reels. Joseph M. Schenck (pro). Metro Pictures Corporation (dist). Buster Keaton, Roscoe Arbuckle (dir). Jean Havez, Joseph Mitchell, Clyde Bruckman (wri). Fred Gabourie (sets). Clare West (ward). Elgin Lessley, Byron Houck (cam). Buster Keaton (Sherlock, Jr.), Kathryn McGuire (girl), Joe Keaton (her father), Ward Crane (rival), Erwin Connelly (his henchman), Jane Connelly, Ford West, George Davis, Horace Morgan, John Patrick, Ruth Holley.

In support of his friend, Keaton hired Arbuckle to direct Sherlock Jr.
However Keaton later removed Arbuckle during shooting, due to Roscoe's emotional stress.

The Iron Mule

Released 12 Apr 1925. Copyright 4 May 1925.2 reels. Tuxedo Comedies. Reel Comedies (pro). Educational Film Exchanges (dist). Grover Jones (Arbuckle) (dir). Al St. John, Doris Deane, George Davis, Glen Cavender, Buster Keaton.

Besides working in disguise in this short, Keaton donated his train from Our Hospitality.

The Fighting Dude

Released 6 Dec 1925. Copyright 29 Dec 1925. 2 reels. Lupino Lane Comedies. Educational Film Exchanges (dist/cc). Lupino Lane Comedy Corporation (pro). William Goodrich (dir/writ). Lupino Lane (hero), Virginia Vance (girl), Wallace Lupino (villain), Glen Cavender (referee), George Davis.

Film contains gag lifted from The Navigator (1924); many of the same plot elements as Battling Butler (1926)

The Red Mill

Released 29 Jan 1927. Copyright 2 Mar 1927. 7 reels. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation (dist). Cosmopolitan Productions (pro). William Goodrich (Arbuckle), King Vidor (dir). Victor Herbert, Henry Marten Blossom (musical comedy play). Franses Marion (adapt/scen). Joe Farnham (till). Hendrill Sartov (cam). Cedric Gibbons, Merrill Poe {sets). Daniel J. Crab (film ed). Andreani (ward). Marion Davies (Tina), Owen Moore (Dennis), Louise Fazenda (Gretchen), George Siegmann (Willem), Karl Dane (Captain Edam), J. Russell Powell (burgomaster), Snitz Edwards (Caesar), William Orlamond (governor), Fred Gambold (innkeeper), Ignatz (mouse).

Keaton is believed to have convinced Davies to give Arbuckle the directing job.

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