Dean Vanderkolk

An accomplished actor, Dean Vanderkolk has appeared in nearly everything from Shakespearean drama to bedroom farce during his 30 years on the stage. As a scribe, Dean served as head writer for three years on the nationally syndicated television program, Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In. He has written numerous award-winning short films, all of which have become festival favorites. In addition, he has published several short stories, and his first book, Edgar, A (Nec)Romantic Tale In Verse is awaiting publication. As an emcee, Dean's work has been widely tolerated by audiences all over.  He is most delighted to be returning for his third year as Master of Ceremonies for our convention.  This year, he has also stepped up to serve as co-chair for our event.  Most recently, Dean became a member of the CineMuseum, LLC team, and is currently working on a book offering a full chronicle of Buster Keaton's career on the stage, beginning with his years in vaudeville and continuing through his final live performances, for which he became a recipient of the 2015 Porkpie Scholar Grant.