David B. Pearson

Graphic designer David B. Pearson is a published author on the topics of Buster Keaton, Roscoe Arbuckle and Harold Lloyd. He's also the webmaster of the busterkeaton.com family of websites, including "Arbucklemania," which is celebrating its 21st year online in 2017. Pearson is also credited with being a writer on four Buster Keaton video documentaries for Kino Video, and in conjunction with Paul Gierucki, has assisted in the restoration of more than 90 short comedy films, including Arbuckle's masterpiece Love, and the previously lost (and unknown) Charles Chaplin appearance in the Keystone short A Thief Catcher. In 2009, Pearson had the great honor of being a proofreader for updating Kevin Brownlow's companion book to the video documentary Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow. Nevertheless, for reasons known only to himself, he continues to live in that epicenter of Keaton learning — rural Picayune, Mississippi.