Jack Dragga

Jack Dragga graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Photography in 1975. While there he also took classes about Film. But his interest in films began very early when his father would bring home movies that were rented for the school he taught and run them in the basement for the neighborhood kids.

In the 1980’s, he met and worked with Raymond Rohauer on a few projects as a researcher and graphic designer.

1995 saw his filmography of Buster Keaton published in BUSTER KEATON: CUT TO THE CHASE by Marion Meade. It is known to be the most complete filmography to date on Buster Keaton.

In the year 2000, he went full time into video production work as a freelance videographer and editor and has won 4 bronze Telly Awards for his work.

He co-wrote and produced the mini documentary “1 Parlor, 5 Bedrooms and 6 Baths” for the DVD set INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH KEATON. This film is an examination of the relationship between Keaton and the mansion he built, the Italian Villa.

As a Damfino, he has produced pieces that have been presented at the Damfino’s Annual Convention in Muskegon, Michigan. He was a presenter, along with Bruce Lawton, in a discussion of Rohauer and Killiam. As an academic exercise he created THE FORGOTTEN SHORTS OF BUSTER KEATON, which was a re-editing of THREE AGES into 3 two-reelers, separating the film by each age. This was something that Keaton himself said he would have done had the picture not been a success.  He put together
A DECADE OF BUSTER, which was a compilation of 10 years of Muskegon’s Keaton conventions. And most recently, two video montages; one to the song MONTAGE and the other to the song SMILE. Having won the Keaton Quiz and becoming the quizmaster 3 times he has been “retired” from taking the quiz at the conventions. His current project, “UNFINISHED BUSINESS: THE STORY BEHIND TEN GIRLS AGO,” is currently in the research stage of production.